Parallel Twin-Screw Co-rotation

This co-rotation gearbox is based on the proven DOS-concept and reaches a torque factor of up to 27 Nm/cm³.

The DURUMAX® T1MAX S co-rotating twin shaft extruder gearbox offers high torque rating combined with high safeties.

Outstanding Features:

  • Torque factor of 27 Nm/cm³
  • Modular and practical design
  • High efficiency due to a minimum of rotating parts
  • Exceptionally high operational safety
  • Torque ratings determined by the customers and markets requirements
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

The technical concept of the TGE series consists of a reduction gearbox and a distribution gearbox. Both gearbox modules are connected by the the thrust bearing housing.

Similar to the TPM 3 DOS-V series the distribution of the torque is done by two pairs of gears (like a double helical gear) with optimized design.


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