Worm Gear Boxes and Worm Gear Sets

Since 1933, Henschel produces worm gearboxes and worm gear sets for applications with high demands as well on ruggedness as also on high precision.
The core of MUTAX is the high flexibility given by the fully interchangeable worm shaft and worm gear which is not necessary to be manufactured as a pair. In fact, even after a period of years worm shafts and worm gears can be replaced. This will increase availability of your equipment and decrease the cost of repair.

Duplex worm gear sets with adjustable backslash in machine tools and precision machines have been established since decades.

Simplex worm gears are impressive by their superiority under rough conditions with extremely shocks.

Flexible – Robust –  Precise

Worm Gearboxes

Proven Technology at maximum possible flexibility: Mutax worm gearboxes.

DUPLEX worm gear sets

Adjustable Backlash, highest precision.

Simplex Worm gear sets

Heavy Duty, Rough Environment.