Extrusion gears

Maximum power density, efficiency and reliability are our symbols for extruder gearboxes.
We offer Pioneering extruder gearbox concepts, which meet the daily high demands of the end user in reference to output performance and reliability! There is a rising demand in extrusion for innovative and intelligent drive solutions. We have made this our mission.

Whether single screw, parallel or conical twin screw, or drive solutions offer:

More profitability
Our modular gear design reduces costs for new designs and modifications. Our intelligent gearbox design minimizes operating costs.

More Torque
In extrusion lines, the trend is moving toward increased output performance. The torque demand on the gearbox side is increasing.

More Technology
Production processes and products according to latest research are more durable and secure advantages.

Parallel Twin-Srew co-rotation

Torque factor 24 – 40 Nm/cm³

Single-Screw Extruder Gearboxes

Specially developed for the requirements of extrusion.

Oil unit for Extruder Gearboxes

For every power range the right dimensioned oil unit.