Parallel twin-srew counter-rotation

With a torque factor of up to 50 Nm/cm³ this counter-rotating gearbox is at the moment the most outstanding powerful on the market.

Trend-setting: The DURUMAX® T4MAX C twin shaft extruder gearbox for the high-end-counter-rotating extrusion applications.

The Outstanding features are:

  • With a torque factor of 50 Nm/cm ³per shaft the strongest gearbox available in the market
  • Modular and functional design
  • Exceptionally high operational safety
  • Torque ratings determined by the customers and markets requirements

The technical concept of the T1MAX series consists of a reduction gearbox and a distribution gearbox with integrated thrust bearings.

The distribution of the torque occurs within the distribution stage by pinion shafts lying on the top of the other.

The connection of the motor occurs directly by means a flange and a coupling. The 3-stage helical gearbox reduce the screw speed and build up the required torque. The torque is distributed equally to the two extruder shafts. The axial forces from the extrusion process are safely absorbed by the axial bearings within the distribution housing.


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