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TS Henschel GmbH
Henschelplatz 1
34127 Kassel - Germany
Phone: +49 561 801-6118
Fax: +49 561 801-6911

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TS Henschel GmbH
E-mail: info(at)henschel.de



Managing Director: Dr. Stephan Köhne, Dr. Martin Konrad

Company headquarters:
Grüner Winkel 10, 52070 Aachen

Commercial unit:
Henschelplatz 1, 34127 Kassel

Mercantile register:
Aachen district court, HRB 21735

Value-added tax identification number:
DE 815 740 122



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TS Henschel GmbH welcomes your interest in our company and its products. To be able to comply with your information needs as comprehensively as possible, you may be requested to provide personal information. Providing of this information is completely voluntary. All information that is, in any country, sent to one of our web sites may be transferred to a server that hosts one of these sites in another country,where this information can be used, stored or edited outside the country in which it was acquired. Your personal data will be stored in accordance with the data protection regulations in the country in which the web site is operated.


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The information that TS Henschel GmbH provides on this web site has been prepared with the greatest possible care and is continually updated. Despite the most careful checks, it is not possible to guarantee freedom from errors. TS Henschel GmbH therefore excludes any liability or warranty in relation to the accuracy, completeness and topical relevance of the information provided on this web site. This applies in particular to web sites that are referenced using a hyperlink. These are third party web sites where we have no control over the content. TS Henschel GmbH therefore expressedly excludes liability for the content of such sites. TS Henschel GmbH is also not responsible for the data protection measures taken by the operators of these web sites.

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