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Thomas Wiegand
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Power Plant Technology


Turbo gearboxes, equipped with slide bearings, installed between motor and boiler feed pump for adjustment of the optimal operating speed of the pump.

Type: HTG 560A

Design: acc. to DIN 3990
Center distance: 560 mm
Power: 11,380 kW
Input speed: 1,490 rpm
Output speed: 5,676 rpm
Ratio: 1: 3.81
Weight: 6,370 kg
Type: HTG 250 SO

Design: acc. to API 613 + ATEX
Center distance: 250 mm
Power: 1,200 kW
Input speed: 2,980 rqm
Output speed: 4,371 rpm
Ratio: 1: 1.467
Weight: 800 kg