"Service from Henschel ensures maximum availability of your equipment and at the shortest reaction time."
Dirk Hempeler
Plant manager Henschel Antriebstechnik


Spare Parts

At Henschel we offer professional consultation. Our spare parts and services are delivered worldwide in all industrial sites. 

The substitution of components of other OEM´s are exactly the 3D Measurement and for daily competence in the engineering business.

Henschel spare parts are delivered in accordance to the newest manufacturing standards and needs.

We also care for re-engineering demands and replacement solutions. We replace and manufacture spares in any case, at any order, in respect and control of all technical obligations and operational requirements.

We focus all our measures and actions on your specific demands, even if it is necessary to replace complex and single spares for single copies. Therefore we are able to adapt our manufacturing capabilities and measurements and deliver your expectations.

So Challenge us!