"Service from Henschel ensures maximum availability of your equipment and at the shortest reaction time."
Dirk Hempeler
Plant manager Henschel Antriebstechnik


Repair & Refurbishment

Our proposal on repairs and refurbishment contains any kind of repair at our home base at Kassel or any any kind of service around the globe.


Firstly, any gearbox repaired at Kassel will be tested on our unique and professional test centre according to our newest quality standards and best operational experience. Due to our specific test equipments, we are able to deeply investigate your components in detail.


Our offering is build on a modular kit concept, which enables you to select easily  between different levels of maintenance. This is on one hand a dedicated Seal and Bearig Kit, as well also our complete Refurbishment Kit which provides you with any kind of required spares and workforce even than if it is required to take new life for inherited gearboxes.


We operate globally, in accordance to your needs. We monitor and repair your components or provide long term supervision on it.