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Heat Treatment/Hardening

Case hardening

The hardening is a combined process, which is mainly used for heavy-duty transmission components, shafts, bars and other machine-components. The basis is the carburizing in a carbon-releasing medium at temperatures of up to 950 ° C.


Our heat treatment works with the method of gas carburizing. Because of the excellent controllability we can accurately prescribe the carbon profiles in the steel and hence the subsequent hardness profiles.


After the selective enrichment of the parts surface with carbon (by diffusion) the parts are hardened and then tempered (relaxed). As a result, the components have a high strength and surface hardness (up to 800 HV), high wear resistance and high core toughness. Moreover, the residual compressive stresses in the surface layer bring about a substantial increase in flex life and fatigue resistance.


Conventional hardening depths are between 0.5 and 2 mm; on special technologies case hardening can be achieved to 6mm. In selecting the steel (DIN 17210) and in production planning, please contact our engineers for further advise.