Extrusion Gears


"Henschel stands for high operational reliability, because we are autonomous and produce what is crucial for the realization of this ambition."
Stefan Knieling
Head of Extrusion Gears

Parallel Twin-Screw Co-rotation

This co-rotation gearbox is based on the proven DOS-concept and reaches a torque factor of up to 27 Nm/cm³.

The DURUMAX® T1MAX S co-rotating twin shaft extruder gearbox offers high torque rating combined with high safeties.

Outstanding Features:

  • Torque factor of 27 Nm/cm³
  • Modular and practical design
  • High efficiency due to a minimum of rotating parts
  • Exceptionally high operational safety
  • Torque ratings determined by the customers and markets requirements
  • Excellent price-performance ratio

The technical concept of the TGE series consists of a reduction gearbox and a distribution gearbox. Both gearbox modules are connected by the the thrust bearing housing.

Similar to the TPM 3 DOS-V series the distribution of the torque is done by two pairs of gears (like a double helical gear) with optimized design.