The Company


"Sustainability is not a passing trend for us, it is more a value which we live since nearly 100 years."
Matthias Henke
CEO TS Henschel Fertigungstechnik GmbH

Henschel driving technology in Kassel

In the center of Germany

Our expertise lies in developing individual and customized solutions, which are produced in a high and certified quality at our company. To manufacture a vertical range of drive-solutions we refer to our big range of different technologies like the hardening plant. 

The closeness to our customers, the flexibility, short response time and the reliability of our products are the key facts which brought us to the position in our branch where we are at the moment.

Innovative in many different sectors


Also in many other different departments we are setting patently trends. Since the first production of Extrusion gears in 1972 we developed ourselves to the leading company in producing Extrusion gears over many centuries.


About Kassel

TS Henschel GmbH is located in Kassel, the geographical center of Germany. 

At the industry estate “Mittelfeld” Henschel is producing powerful Gears for the mechanical and plant engineering. This is the place where we explore and develope individually drive solutions and innovations around the transmission technology until they will be introduced on the market.


TS Henschel GmbH
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