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"Sustainability is not a passing trend for us, it is more a value which we live since nearly 100 years."
Matthias Henke
CEO TS Henschel Fertigungstechnik GmbH

Henschel ExtruTec in "Heilbad" Heiligenstadt

Brand new thought: The Henschel melt pump. Higher throughput. Half the energy consumption.All the same time.

In compounding or extrusion lines, which are primarily designed for high through puts, the polymer is very often worked up to the breaking point.


Unnecessary shearing of the polymer caused by the pressure build-up device damages the product. Another determining factor concerning the product quality is the conveying continuity of the device, building the needed pressure.


With the new Xtreamor® melt pump, developed by Henschel, the pressure build-up happens by specially designed and adjusted to the melt properties, twin screws. The Xtreamor® works with the lowest possible pre pressure due to the design-conditioned forced conveying. So the compounder respectively the extruder is relieved of a lot of workload.


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