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"Sustainability is not a passing trend for us, it is more a value which we live since nearly 100 years."
Matthias Henke
CEO TS Henschel Fertigungstechnik GmbH

Transmission Technology with Tradition

Henschel America, Inc. took over the activities from the former agency for Thyssen Henschel (Transatlantic Power Transmissions) with the start of the new millennium on 1-1-2000.

This company is now serving as full service and sales office for the USA, Canada and Mexico. The big advantage for the North American customers offered here is that all needed services - including R+D support- are dealt with directly within the right time zones.

Henschel America is offering support for the extruder industry, the locomotive industry and every company that has any special needs for gearboxes. Customer request for low speed and high torque, high speed with up to 75 000 RPM, high power (5000 HP as example) are projects that Henschel America was dealing with in the last years.

Besides an excellent regular service, Henschel is also offering vibration analysis for all brands of gearboxes. This unique service allows customers that have not had a standard vibration service in the last years to find out in which state their gearboxes are.

In total Henschel America is delivering the excellent service and support that customers are expecting from Henschel.

About the location America

Our target is customer satisfaction with excellent service.

Henschel America Inc. is located in the Northeast of the United States in Akron, Ohio.
All of the American customers are supported with sales, after sales and service in the best possible way.


Henschel America Inc.

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Akron, OH 44312, USA

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