"A comprehensive view of the whole drive train, consequent thinking and acting in view of deferred applications, these are points which are naturally for us. We work conscientiously because we know our responsibility."

Henschel - the brand

Henschel – Quality pays off

From vehicles to systems and machines – Henschel develops products and special solutions for drives that are perfectly matched to the customer’s overall system and economic objectives.    

| Reliable    We develop systems that can also cope with unforeseeable requirements, because everything we design is always slightly stronger and sounder than necessary. Safety and stability in all of our processes: a hallmark that applies just as well to collaboration with our customers.   

| Intelligent    As a hotbed of German engineering, Henschel harnesses the best available knowledge in its core markets worldwide. This knowledge is applied and expanded every day. We utilise this knowledge to create new solutions that secure our competitive edge in the market.   

| Efficient    In our working methods, engineering, manufacture and   service, we’re just as efficient as our products in operation. Maximum efficiency, minimum maintenance intervals, and   high safety margins all add up to outstanding products.